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Park with a rich history, favorite among citizens of Belgrade, a great place to rest and work outdoors with free Telenor Internet.
Settled in the very center of Belgrade, at Studentski Square, between Uzun Mirko and Vasina street, in the part of the capital famous for its numerous cultural and scientific institutions botanical spatial unit Academic park is settled.


In the period of Roman Empire (I century BC - III century AD), the area of today's Academic Park was a central part of the settlement called Singidunum, during the Austro-Hungarian Empire (XVIII century) military exercises were held in it, while during the Turkish rule this was the cemetery (the sixties of the nineteenth century) and a place for prayer.
AKADEMSKI PARK 2In the third decade of the nineteenth century, in the neglected part of the Turkish cemetery, Serbian authorities opened a market that has worked until 1927. The idea for the refurbishment of this area in the park was started by the first Serbian urbanist Emilian Josimović in 1867. However, to the partial implementation of the plan was approached in 1886, and it was completed in 1889. Three decades later the market has been closed down, and in its place today's Academic park was built.
Today, the park covers an area of 1.45 hectares and is dominated by a central avenue, around which are placed monuments to some of the most important people in Serbian history, the botanist Josif Pančić, philosopher and educator Dositej Obradović, and geographer Jovan Cvijić.
In June of 2008, the first in the history of Serbia, Telenor Internet park was opened allowing all visitors to use Internet free of charge.
In order to preserve bio-ecological, physical-environmental, cultural and historical characteristics, Academic park is, since 2007, under the state protection as a natural monument.



Walk. The park has paved trails. Dog walking is allowed.
Playground is equipped with seesaws, swings, climbers and roundabouts.


A number of restaurants and cafes can be found near the park.


It is located in the city center, a few minutes' walk from the Republic Square and Knez Mihailova street, or with public transport (bus line 31, trolley lines 19, 21, 22, 22L, 28, 29).

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